P Baehr

I am a member of the Body of Christ – a Christian – standing in the historic faith of the Triune God, who is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I grew up in the Reformed, Charismatic, and Anglican traditions, to parents converted in adulthood out of Hollywood, Materialism, Secularism and New Age thought. I am now a Presbyterian elder.

I am a husband to the perfect wife – a devout, wise beyond measure, knowledgable, creative, intelligent, confident, witty, and super cute professional mother + harpist – and a father to three beautiful girls, whom we are homeschooling and discipling in the knowledge and love of God. Together, we are starting a ministry of hospitality – Pilgrim Hill – a non-profit hostel and artist residency in Tasmania's Huon Valley, modelled on the Schaeffers' L'Abri, Amsterdam's The Shelter, and Bunyan's House Beautiful.

I am the son of a ministry-head and an architect, the paternal grandson of two Hollywood actors, and the maternal grandson of Argentine and paternal great-grandson of German immigrants to the US.

I am an immigrant to Tasmania (Australia), an emigrant from the US, and I love both.

I enjoy thoughtful, skilfully-crafted and often (justly) popular prose, poetry, art, and film, like that of Austen, Chesterton, Dostoevsky, T.S Eliot, Hitchcock, Hopkins, Lewis, McCullough, Spielberg, and Vermeer.

I like country dances, improv, and parlour games.

I have travelled widely, lived widely, and enjoy learning new histories and cultures.

I have studied a collection of languages, done B.A. and M.A. work in different disciplines at a diversity of institutions, and worked a handful of jobs in very unrelated fields.

But whatever worth the above is to me, I consider nothing compared to knowing Christ, who while I was still His *enemy* died to reconcile me to God and will complete the work of my salvation by His life.